IPMI Sampling & Analytical Committee and The Petroleum Refiners Committee 

Winter Seminar 2020

February 10th – 12th, 2020

Marriott Bush Intercontinental Airport, Houston, TX

Preliminary Event Timeline


6:30 pm

Cocktail reception, meet & greet, Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental

Sampling and Analytical Committee Seminar agenda

  1. Opening remarks, introductions, IPMI Antitrust policy, Larry Drummond. Committee updates, Chair

  2. “IPMI SAC Round Robin Exercise #13: Interlaboratory Comparisons of Spent Ethylene Oxide Catalysts”, Algis Naujokas

  3. “Fine Grade Platinum: LPPM-IPMI Joint Interlaboratory Exercise”, report, review and discuss results from the platinum round robin.

  4. Discuss and schedule next 2 Round Robin tests, for consideration:

    • Alumina/Silica petro-cat for Pt, ~0.8% Pt

    • Fine grade Palladium?

  5. “Determination of Trace Impurities in Fine Grade Platinum by ICP-OES”, speaker TBD

  6. Presentation by Keith Peterson, Ledoux and Co., title TBD

  7. “Aspects of Laboratory Sub-Sampling and Analysis of Powder Samples: Spent Petrochemical Catalysts”, Peter Jaenike, Sabin Metal Corporation

  8. “Robotics in Final Sample Preparation”, Bert Pauels, Umicore, NV

  9. Discuss next meeting and presentations, review action items

Dinner Reception, 6:30pm




Petroleum Refiners Committee Seminar agenda

  1. Call to Order, General Announcements, Chair, Alan Kaye

  2. Minutes from the last meeting, Charter of the Council, comments from IPMI Executive Director, Larry Drummond, Comments from SAC, Algis Naujokas

  3. Discussion Panel:“PGM Fundamentals, View of the Future”, Lead: John Butler

    • Panel: Johnson Matthey, Mitsubishi, Goldman, TD

  4. Discussion Panel, “Addressing Customers Changing Needs in Precious Metal Leasing”, Lead: Joe Brooks

    • Panel: RBC, Mitsubishi, Goldman, FC Stone, Scotia

  5. “Industrial Catalyst Life Cycle as Received, In Process: Physical and Chemical Losses”, Chair

  6. “Enhanced Sustainability of Global Pt Metal Supply”, Sepramet, Steven Izatt

  7. “Automotive exhaust catalyst and diesel particulate traps”, speaker TBD

  8. “Enhanced representation for improved metal stewardship”, speaker TBD

  9. Group Discussion:

    • Why are spent industrial catalyst containing more carbon?

    • Do extreme cases of high carbon reduce return, RR #13?

    • Carbon or SiC in the recycling scheme.

  10. Discuss ideas for next meeting



8:00 am - 4:00 pm


8:00 am - 4:00 pm

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