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  • atn5612
    Oct 28

    Hello Everyone, I received a question from a person new to fire assay. He was asking about fluxes and procedures for the fire assay of materials that are range in the 40-60% copper and 10-40% Iron collectively. This is the set up he has now: Sample size: 5-10g, pulverized and screened, 125um mesh Flux: Lead Oxide (Precious Metal Free) 61% Soda Ash 19.5%, Borax (anhydrous) 9.8% Silica 9.8% Each fusion is run with 60g of flux and 5g of flour to 2000F for 2 hrs. Then cupel and dissolve the bead for ICP analysis. Any suggestions for flux variations to handle these types of samples?
  • atn5612
    Mar 27

    Curious as to what type of hoods everyone uses for effective dust control and containment
  • atn5612
    Feb 11

    What is the typical slag mesh size, -40, -60, -100?

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