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About Us

The Sampling & Analytical Committee is dedicated to exploring and explaining new developments in the area of precious metals sampling and analysis; from the latest in new instrumentation to recent advances and insights in analytical techniques and sampling methodology


Our Mission

The IPMI Sampling & Analytical Committee exists to provide a neutral & unbiased platform to promote the advancement of material sampling and analytical science in all segments of the precious metals field.

Its work includes:

  • Sharing insights and problem solving

  • Conducting “round robin” analysis

  • Responding to inquiries from IPMI members

  • And other such work which the members of the Council agree may be beneficial to the industry and membership at large


The group will also engage in examining, evaluating and commenting on:

  • Equipment advances

  • Emerging technologies

  • Advances in techniques


We will work to advance the sampling and analytical fields through professional interactions and confidential comparisons, as well as working to educate IPMI members of the value and importance of competence in these areas.


Neither the IPMI nor its S&A Committee functions as a ‘standard setting’ group or arbiter of ‘best practices’.


 Revision 2, 06/11/18

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